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Choosing the correct size for your Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Fleece Pouch


Selecting the right size pouch is extremely important. In order to get a tight, snug, comfortable fit, the pouch must be the right size for you. Please use the chart below and answer some of the simple questions following to help you determine which will be the best size for you and your child. Remember, it is YOUR size that determines what size pouch you need, not your child's. Our pouches can easily be worn with newborns (even premature babies), infants and toddlers of all shapes and sizes and even your preschooler! The weight limit is determined by how much you can physically handle - typically around 35 lbs, although carrying a heavy child is possible for those occasions when they're just too tired to walk any more!

Each pouch comes with 4 standard adjustment rows to accommodate differently sized adults, extra room for nursing or bulky clothing. There are two rows of overlap in between sizes. For example, the two loosest rows on the size medium are the same as the two tightest rows on the size large.

You may exchange your new Adjustable Pouch for a different size if necessary.

How to Select the Right Size for You:

1. Measure your chest (loosely, over normal clothing), above the largest part of your bust (under your armpits), to help determine your pouch size. DO NOT MEASURE "OVER" THE FULLEST PART OF YOUR BUST AND DO NOT USE YOUR BRA SIZE (this measures under your bust, not above it). Please use a SOFT tape measure if you have one. If not, rather than using a metal tape measure, use a piece of string and a standard ruler to measure yourself.









2. Use the chart below to determine your approximate size.


28-34" above bust chest measurement
weight: 70-120 lbs
height: under 5'3"


33-39" above bust chest measurement
weight: 110-180 lbs
height: 5'4" or above


38-44" above bust chest measurement
weight: 150-250 lbs
height: 5'6" or above


42-51"+ above bust chest measurement
weight: 240-350+ lbs
height: 5'10" or above

3. Please contact us if you have any sizing questions.


1. Are you currently pregnant? If so, please use your "current" above chest measurement, but add 10-20 lbs to your pre-pregnancy weight. Please keep in mind that the pouch absolutely will not fit you correctly whilst you are still pregnant. Please wait until your baby is born to determine if you have the correct size.

2. What are you wearing when you measure yourself? Is it summer and you're wearing a light shirt? Will you possibly be wearing the pouch over a sweater or light coat in the winter? Bulky clothing can add 1-2" to your chest measurement. Alternatively, you may want extra room in the pouch if your child is wearing a jacket or snowsuit.

3. Where do you carry your weight? Above or below your waist? If you carry your weight below your waist, your weight does not matter as much as your chest measurement in determining the correct size of pouch.

4. What age child will you be wearing? Newborns and small infants take up more room in the pouch than toddlers do.

5. Will you be nursing in the pouch? If so, you may want more room for extra ease.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like help choosing a size.

Snap Placement

When placing your order, please choosse which shoulder you prefer to wear your sling on when your baby is being carried on your hip. Here is information which will help you make your decision:

For the cradle carry, kangaroo carry and tummy position (basically, for the first 6 months of your baby's life), you can wear your pouch on either of your shoulders without it making a bit of difference. The snaps will be located in the middle of your back regardless.

Once your baby is being worn primarily on your hip (around 5-6 months), it is best if the sling is worn on the shoulder it was originally snapped for. This reduces the possibility of your baby unsnapping the snaps while being worn as they are located on your back, rather than on your chest. The pouch will still function fine on either shoulder.

If you have never worn a sling before and do not know which shoulder or hip you use, please consider the following guidelines. Most people, when NOT using a sling, carry baby using their dominant arm because it's stronger. However, when the sling is carrying baby's weight, you need to decide what arm you want to have free to do other things. Most right-handed people wear babies on their left hip, allowing their right arm to be free to do other things - this means the pouch is worn on your RIGHT shoulder. Vice-versa for left-handed people. Also, try to think about which side you'd like your baby to ride on once they're old enough to be placed on your hip. If you'd prefer your baby on your right side, then you wear your sling on your LEFT shoulder.

Fabrics: Unless noted, all Fleece Pouches are made with 200 weight, Malden Mills fleece. This is the highest quality fleece available. It will not pill and is easily machine washable and dryable.


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