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New Generation Ergo Baby Carrier vs Ergo Classic Baby Carrier Some initial thoughts on the differences.

The first difference that struck me was that the shaped seat seemed to make it easier to get DDs bottom exactly centred & far enough down, without the little jiggle.

The buckles on the shoulder straps of the New Generation Ergo mean you have the option to have the straps crossed or rucksack style, so it should be more comfortable for a wider range of body shapes. Front carries in particular should be more comfortable with this style, since the crossed straps will spread the weight better. I think the shaping of the shoulder strap and the change to the way the buckle is mounted on the shoulder strap will probably make it more comfortable for people who might have had problems with the Ergo Classic?s webbing on the shoulder straps digging in under the arms. DH has been using it too & has said that its certainly an improvement for him.

The change in the waist buckle mounting means that it can be tightened approx. 1-2 ? tighter than the Ergo Classic, whilst the wider waistband makes it more comfortable to wear.

The top of the main body is slightly higher, proving additional support for older children. Combined with the new adjustable height shaped sleep hood it now comes up about 5? higher than the sleep hood on the Ergo Classic, although the shaping does mean that its not as easy to use for a much taller child who?s head is higher than the top of the hood ? the Ergo Classic sleep hood can be used to support the back of the head without needing to go over the top of the head. The fastening on the sleep hood has also changed ? longer straps & popper fastenings give more versatility without the ripping Velcro noise which some parents found woke the baby.

The New Generation Ergo has an extra pocket on the back now in addition to the one used to tuck the sleep hood in. The side zip means its possible for me to get things out of the pocket with DD on my back, but whether that?s true for anyone else will of course depend on how supple they are. The waist strap has been adapted so that the Front Pouch can be worn when carrying the baby on the front as well as the back.

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