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Ergo New Generation Baby Carrier Reviews Ergo New Generation Baby Carrier Reviews
Product: Ergo New Generation Baby Carrier Ergo New Generation Baby Carrier
From: Suzanne Tobin
Date: Friday 22 July, 2005

I looked with interest when i first saw that the New Generation had come out. I have to say i the classic was my favourite sling, and i'd had it for around 15 months. I read up on the new changes and after seeing a photo where the pouch was much further up the 3 year olds back then i thought i have to order this. I was umming and ahhing as my daughter is 2 already.

I had to get the waist extender too, was a bit dismayed that the other one didn't fit on the New Generation but seeing how the width of the waistband improves the comfort compared to the Classic i don't mind so much.

All i can say is i'm totally impressed, they have just made my favourite sling better. The main points for me are that i no longer have to jiggle her around to get her centred, she's already there with it being more of a seat. That means there's no longer the times when i didn't quite get her centred that i have to take the sling off and start again.

The padding around the legs holes make it much comfier for the baby, she is very happy in there. The pocket is big enough for a change of knickers, thin trousers, wipes, my purse and mobile and i'm learning how to reach it properly now. An added keyring makes it easier to reach.

The waist strap is more padded and it makes it comfier, again this is the same with the shoulder straps. I do miss the little pocket that the classic had for my change when in the shops but need a new bag so i'm coveting the front pouch.

The hood is much better, fits better, comes up higher on toddlers (as does the pouch), and no more velcro to wake her up. I'd recommend the new generation every time and i'd never thought anyone would part me from my classic.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]


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