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Hug-a-Bub Baby Carrier Reviews Hug-a-Bub Baby Carrier Reviews
Product: Hug-a-Bub Baby Carrier Hug-a-Bub Baby Carrier
From: Bunny Duffy
Date: Tuesday 10 August, 2004

Saves you time,money and your sanity - it\'s what Hug-a-Bub say and they\'re not lying. This is the single most fantastic thing I have bought in the course of my baby purchases and would definately be my \'desert island\' item! I wish I could buy one for all my friends with babies as it really is a lifesaver and SO comfortable to wear - you really don\'t feel the weight of your baby anywhere, it is so well distrubuted by the way this sling is tied. I can wear our baby all day in complete comfort and he loves it too. It provides your baby with a warm safe place, where he can hear your heart-beat and breathing and this has a very calming influence - our son is soothed by being put in his Hug-a-Bub even when in full-scream-colic mode and this has certainly saved our sanity. Our previous baby carrier did not live up to its claims of comfort and gave me terrible shoulder and neck ache and also never felt very secure - but with the Hug-a-Bub your baby is hugged tightly to you and you can even bend over and lean forward and they won\'t swing forward or wobble precariously - this is great when hanging up laundry (it has a pouch in the front which is very handy for pegs! Or your wallet etc. when out) or out walking (or even running with) our dogs and climbing over styles. It makes your baby one with you, if that makes sense, more like being pregnant again, so you can get on with everything as normal with your hands free and with a very mellow, chilled out baby attached to you. There are four different positions you can put your child in in the sling and it will take even larger toddlers with comfort. Tying it looks daunting but the video that comes with it explains it clearly and even I managed to tie it right the first time which is saying a lot (amidst fits of laughter from my family). Once you\'ve got the hang of that bit it takes about thirty seconds to put on. I\'d recommend it to every parent, as a mum of a premature baby who craves the closeness he missed from being born early (it would be great for Kangaroo Care for other parents with premies)as a mum of a colicy baby and as a mum with a bad back. I\'d also really recommend it to anyone with post natal depression as it not only soothes your baby so there is minimal crying,but it makes you feel more bonded to your baby because it is cuddled up to you all day and you are freed up to get on with things and get out an about - it certainly has made me feel much happier! My other half loves it too and says it has the added benefit of making him look like a Jedi Knight - which I\'m sure will appeal to many blokes out there.All in all a fabulous product that really does live up to it\'s claims. I tried to find one second hand - you can\'t get them and there\'s a very good reason for it - once you\'ve got one you hang onto it because it is so brilliant.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]


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